Are you a small business set up around Illinois, or have you just moved your family to Niles Illinois? Have you recently had a house party or did you notice an awful stench, discoloration or stain from your carpet, mattress or cushion? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then it is time to contact My Sky Cleaning Services for a thorough and professional clean up.

Managing a thorough clean up around the house all by yourself is time intensive and somehow, not everything returns to its pristine state. Adding this rigorous task to your daily schedule may become impractical without external help. It also upsets your already filled-up schedule. Considering these factors, it becomes imperative for you to request a dedicated Cleaning Service in Illinois.

This is where we come in. At My Sky Cleaning Services, we help eliminate the stress of cleaning your apartment or furniture with our commercial cleaning services in Illinois. We take your mind off every cleaning and giving you space to remain productive at work.


My Sky Cleaning Services Is a team of expert cleaning service based in Illinois. We provide full cleaning services such as apartment cleaning, office cleaning, carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, mattress cleaning, window cleaning, errand and maid services. We have two dedicated outlets; one in Norridge and another in Niles, both in Illinois. However, we give a promise of the same standard when we use our services wherever you need us.

On our team are professionals with many years of experience in cleaning and facility maintenance. Our proven track record sets My Sky Cleaning Services as the best cleaning service within and around Illinois. Our services are top-notch and pocket friendly. Apart from the team of experts we have ready for deployment at any time, we boast of an arsenal of fully functional equipment at our disposal. These cleaning equipment help make cleaning a breeze.

Our range of services are second to none, we employ efficient and cost-effective procedures in handling our customer requests, complaints and queries. We cater for small apartments, mansions, offices, blocks and industrial buildings. Whatever cleaning and maid service you need in Niles, Illinois are available to serve you.

Just like you, we value cleanliness and understand time constraints. This is why we always make our services available on time, every time. Sky Cleaning Services is your go-to name for highly effective cleaning anywhere in Illinois and environs. We will help you arrange an appropriate time to schedule your cleaning appointment such that your schedule will not be disrupted and your cleaning goals will be met.

In so much as you can get some cleaning done by yourself, the service of a professional will come in handy when absolute tidiness is expected. The reasons to have a clean environment are exhaustive. However, some of them are:

  • Prevents illnesses: dirty environments attract bacteria, pathogens and viruses that can spread diseases around the home. Often times, people overlook the cleaning of kitchens and washrooms and these places are susceptible to infestation by pests, insects and organisms that cause all types of sicknesses. When these places are properly cleaned, these pathogens are eliminated.
  • Curtails stress: living or working in a messy space can have a direct negative impact on your state of mind. It creates unnecessary tension and spikes stress. Imagine working on a cluttered station at the office, you easily get demotivated and this limits productivity. If you also have an untidy apartment, it would tell on you as the already strenuous and unproductive day transforms to a restless evening. The more the mess, the more difficult it is to get rid of and the less the zeal to actually get it cleared yourself. This confines you to c cycle of frustrating.
  • Makes your home beautiful: no matter how expensive sofa is, if the carpet has a stain on it, your whole living room would room awful. Same goes for other furniture pieces in your home and office. On the other hand, having your house or office look spruce and tidy makes it more appealing to yourself and guests as well. A neat house speaks volumes of the owner and occupants. When you lie in a clean space, people consider you warm and welcoming.
  • Prevents loss of properties: a clean and organized surrounding makes it easy for you to find your valuables. When a room is messy and untidy, you easily lose your stuffs. For instance, tiny expensive jewelleries may get misplaced under your couch and without regular cleaning, you may never find out. Also, regular cleaning helps you to find the items in your house that are of no use. In addition, it helps protect your household items from damage caused by careless handling.

Living or working in a clean environment has a way of boosting your confidence and self-esteem. This is important in maintaining healthy relationships, staying productive and living in good health. It also helps prevent avoidable conflicts with your colleagues and partners. It is a good habit that should be encouraged and developed overtime for its manifold benefits.


We provide tailor-made services to suit specific needs of each and every of our customer. Our range of services include but are not limited to:

  • Cleaning services: we specialize in domestic and industrial cleaning services in Niles, Norridge and other parts of Illinois. We are easily the best at cleaning because our customers trust our high level of professionalism. Some of our cleaning services are: furniture cleaning, floor and tile cleaning, thorough apartment cleaning, equipment cleaning, long term maid services, household item cleaning etc. as earlier stated, our range of service delivery is customized to give maximum customer satisfaction. You can choose to opt for a comprehensive package which covers all of our services or you select which services you need.
  • Window cleaning: this is one of our plethora of service offerings. We have at the ready, professionals to take care of all the grim, dirt and dust that collects on your window all year round. Our window cleaning service is beyond your regular window cleaning as we deep clean, using strong chemical solutions that restore the sparkle and shine in your windows. Whether at the home or office, we deploy a team to clean your windows and make them as brand as new.
  • Carpet cleaning: carpets do not only cover space in your room, they add beauty to the place and help insulate your feet. This conspicuous piece of furniture comes in most contact with feet and shoes and can end up looking dirty, shoddy and unkempt. Such instances will pass the wrong message to your guest and damage your reputation. However, as the best carpet cleaning outfit in Illinois, we can redeem your image by providing thorough carpet cleaning solution when you need it. We have an in-depth understanding of the different materials used in making carpets and the best procedure, tools and cleaning agents to completely clean out your carpet without causing harm to your carpet. We handle the toughest of cleaning needs, from dried-in stains, discoloration associated with prolong carpet use. We are versatile and clean all types of carpet, from residential, luxury, commercial to specialty carpets. We provide dry foam cleaning, shampoo washing, hot water extraction and many other deep cleaning services for carpets. Even if your carpet is damaged by flood or leaky roof, we can help carry out a deep water extraction to restore your damaged carpet to a pristine state. If your wet carpet is not well taken care of by professionals, it results in mould and bacteria growth and a number of health issues.
  • Rug cleaning: just like carpets, rugs add statement to a room and are great for showing off style and class… until they get dirty. A dirty rug is an eyesore and simple vacuuming overtime proves insufficient. Layers of trapped dirt creates a dull, unappealing look. Odours could emanate from an old rug and stains combine to make it look repulsive. Trust My Sky Cleaning Services to provide top-notch rug cleaning for you. We work with the right tools, cleaners and methods to restore your rug to its past glory. We use the required agents and tools for different rug types to bring the spark back to your rug. While cleaning, we ensure the rugs do not undergo any processes that would cause damage. Instead, our cleaning extends their lifespan.
  • Mattress cleaning: if your mattress is unclean, it does not matter how clean your house is, the air quality is affected and the health of its occupants is in jeopardy. We spend about 8 hours on our beds every day and in that time, we shed almost one gram of skin and produce about half a litre of sweat. This sets the stage for bacteria, fungi and dust mite build up. Exposing yourself and your family to such unhygienic conditions time and again results in poor health. Changing your sheets, linen and pads, cleaning your pillows and pillow cases are not sufficient procedures to completely eradicate these pathogens. When not properly cleaned, your mattress may become wet and a moist environment attracts moulds, mildew and bacteria. It also causes odour and destroys the structure of your mattress. The result is an unpleasant night rest. Our professional mattress cleaning in Illinois will ensure your mattress is looking as good as new. Booking an appointment with us will help you get the quality air and sleep you deserve.
  • Upholstery cleaning: these comfortable piece of furniture are distinct in material and style. However, maintaining it over time can prove a herculean task. They are prone to taking spills, stains and fading. Having children around can make them experience wear and tear faster. Constant vacuuming, cleaning and wiping is good but not enough to maintain upholsteries for a long time. Dirty upholsteries are known to cause some types of skin infection. Allergies, respiratory and gastro-intestinal problems and regular DIY cleaning cannot do much to salvage the situation. Which is why experts recommend the service of a professional in cleaning upholstery from time to time. Thorough cleaning increases the durability of your upholstery and protects the health of your family. At My Sky Cleaning Services, we help with odour elimination, fade restoration, deep cleaning and many other upholstery cleaning techniques to increase the longevity of your upholstery and ensure you get full value for your money.
  • Maid services: we provide maids to ease your household cleaning challenges. Our maids are professionals and have passed through stringent background checks so you can be rest assured that your building is in good hands. We help in the selection process to determine the best fit for your requirements. You have the option of selecting the services you want from our maid or the time slot you desire.
  • Errand services: our professional maid services extends to assisting you run errands around your home and for your household. We care about you. Therefore, we made fully customizable options so you determine what services you want and when you need it.


We stand apart from the pack of cleaning service providers in Illinois because we put our customers first in every step we take. Over time, our customers have built trust in us and they remain confident in our delivery. Read on to find out why we are the best cleaning service in Niles IL. We are professionals: our service providers are sound and have experience in their fields. They have undergone rigorous trainings and have adequate exposure to handle any cleaning challenge they are faced with. In the case any employee assigned to a client performs below par (which is very rare), we give the option of replacing the staff.

  • We are excellent: our services speak for us. We have the right skill set, correct equipment, best cleaning agents and the best attitude to the job. We make every request absolute deliverable and in the shortest possible time. As a customer-centred cleaning service provider, we listen to your needs and will go all the length to ensure their satisfaction. Rebates and many other offers are available whenever our client is not satisfied with our service.
  • We are inexpensive: our fees are reasonably priced and are affordable. Furthermore, we make custom offers for our clients so whatever budget they have, they can still enjoy the best of cleanliness with us.

We are thrilled to have you as our next client. Our promise is to provide the best of cleaning and maid services in Illinois. Whatever be your cleaning need, you are rest assured that we will come up with a working solution for you.

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